40 Stunning Weather Outfit Ideas For Fall

Stunning Weather Outfit Ideas For Fall 37 Stunning Weather Outfit Ideas For Fall 37

As cool weather arrives, many a bride or bridesmaid will be looking for something warm to wear with her wedding attire. Throwing on a cardigan or regular coat over a gorgeous gown simply won’t do, however – you need something as elegant as the dress itself. These are some ideas for cozy coverups for fall and winter weddings which will be a stylish addition to the wedding ensemble.

Although most wedding gowns remain strapless or sleeveless, more and more designers have come to recognize the need for something to wear over the gown for a cold weather wedding. When the bridal gown is lace, a sheer lace bolero jacket is a gorgeous cover up, especially if the gown designer offers a shrug or bolero in a coordinating lace to the dress.

The sheer lace jacket will add warmth to a sleeveless dress, and it also looks very elegant for the marriage ceremony. The bolero can be easily removed for the reception when it is time to hit the dance floor, which gives you a new party look as well as better mobility for dancing.

Fur wraps and collars have been making a reappearance in fashion this fall. For the bride, a white fur wrap is a gorgeous way to stay warm and look glamorous. If real fur isn’t your thing, choose one of the pretty faux fur options. You can also check out vintage shops and even your grandmother’s closet for vintage fur pieces. A faux fur wrap in chocolate brown or gray would be nice as part of the bridesmaid gifts. Choose a fur piece for your attendants that compliments the color of their bridesmaid jewelry gifts to create a total ensemble that is flat out fabulous.

For a holiday wedding, a full length cape makes a dramatic coverup for a bridal gown. White velvet is the most bridal, but also has the least possibility for future use. If yours is a gleaming Winter Wonderland wedding, you might wish to go ahead and get the white velvet cape, but if your wedding is not all-white, think about more versatile colors like forest green, deep red, or chocolate brown. Be sure to get some photographs of the bride outdoors in a wintery scene wearing the special cape and holding her bouquet. They will be especially magical if there is snow on the ground. Just be careful not to mess up your hairstyle with the cape’s hood!

A capelet is another good coverup option, especially if you want something warm which can be worn indoors. Capelets are like mini capes: they drape from the shoulders and are secured with a single hook or button near the throat. A capelet should be short enough to allow the bride’s hands to be free. They are typically about waist length in the front, and a little longer towards the back. A flowy fabric will work better than a stiff one. Good choices include unlined silk velvet or silk chiffon. You can also have capelets made in the bridesmaid dress color to keep your attendants feeling cozy on a chilly evening.

Details matter at a wedding, which is why you want to make sure that all the parts of your wedding attire flow together beautifully. So when cool weather arrives, it is important that the bride and her attendants choose shrugs, wraps, or capes which enhance the overall style of their outfits. When you are cozy and gorgeous, you will feel fabulous on the wedding day!