47 Stunning Fall Looks Ideas To Try Right Now

Stunning Fall Looks Ideas To Try Right Now 44 Stunning Fall Looks Ideas To Try Right Now 44

Fall can seem like a miserable season for gardeners – shorter days, longer nights and colder weather, not to mention the imminent winter – but with the right knowledge it’s also the perfect time to transform your garden into a colorful and vibrant space. There are a number of plants that only flower during the fall months, and the leaves of trees and shrubs can bring added color to your garden. Here are some fall landscaping ideas for adding fall excitement to any garden.

When looking for plants for the fall season, it’s best to stick to hardy and fibrous plants. Tall grasses are a good option, and require very little maintenance. There are a variety of colors and types of grass available, so take your time when choosing and try to match the grass plumage to the rest of your plants.

Add Some Color to Your Garden!

Mums are probably the best plants for providing color during the fall months. When landscaping for the latter part of the year, a few moms can provide color and a variety of bloom shapes. The blooms typically last several weeks, so can have a huge effect on the overall feel of your garden. Mums also come in a number of different shapes and sizes, so look around for fall landscaping ideas that’ll match your existing landscape.

Trees provide some of the most colorful foliage in the fall months. Some of the best trees for foliage in the fall season include dogwood, maples and beech. Birch leaves, for example, turn a vibrant yellow, while beech trees tend to hold their leaves for longer than other trees. Oaks are also a popular choice for the same reason. New hybrid trees, with brighter colored leaves and a number of other improvements, are becoming available and can be bought from your local garden center. A bonus of planting trees is that the leaves can be spread around the base of shrubs and over exposed soil and left to degrade into fertilizer.

Can You Extend Your Summer Garden?

If you’re desperate to keep a summer feel in your garden for as long as possible, there’s always the option of bringing more delicate flowers inside at night. While this can seem like a lot of work, summer flowers that normally wouldn’t survive at night often look even more stunning during the fall season. If you don’t own a greenhouse, it may be sufficient to cover the plants overnight to protect them from frost.

Final Thoughts

Fall landscaping ideas are fun and enjoyable to implement, but the lead up to winter isn’t just about adding to your garden. It’s also important to prepare your existing plants for the coming months. Fall is the perfect time to plant new evergreen shrubs and trees, and plants such as garlic can also be planted just before winter. If you have an in ground pool it’s important to keep it covered when the leaves start to fall. Landscape lighting should be adjusted to accentuate the main features of your garden, as these may be different during the fall and winter.