40 Impressive Mens Blonde Hairstyles Ideas

Impressive Mens Blonde Hairstyles Ideas 35 Impressive Mens Blonde Hairstyles Ideas 35

There are many famous celebrity hairstyles. Almost any person who has been popular at one time or another has had people copy their hair. However, some hairstyles change the way an entire generation styles their hair. These celebrities achieve iconic status with their famous hair.

For some celebrities, perhaps they would not have been as famous with differently styled hair. All of these styles are different but each one was extremely popular in its own time. Many of these looks are still worn today. Some have evolved into a modified style, but others remain almost identical to the original style.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was one of the original iconic hairstyles. Her celebrity hairstyles were always elegant and refined. During a time when most ladies wore shaped hairstyles, she allowed her hair to appear natural and soft. Her hairstyle helped to shape her identity as a refined and elegant woman.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor first became famous in the 1950s. She remained popular for well over twenty years, and over that time had many different styles of hair. One of the things that stood out the most about Elizabeth Taylor’s hair was the fact that during a period when almost every actress dyed their hair blonde, she left hers a more natural color.


Twiggy was iconic for many reasons. Some people cite her as being the original rail-thin model. Whether or not this was the case, she was very popular. Twiggy was one of the first celebrities to bring the short, pixie style hair to mainstream society. These celebrity hairstyles were usually quite short. Sometimes the men had longer hair than ladies wearing this style of hair did.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross was a role model for many women. She allowed her heritage to show through all of her work. This hairstyle was famous because rather than trying to tame her natural hair she allowed it to grown uninhibited. Since then many women have tried to copy her untamed look.

Princess Diana

One of the most famous fashion icons of the 1980s was Princess Diana. She influenced fashions all over the world. Her hairstyle was actually conservative for that time. The short, no-effort hairstyle that she chose was very attractive to the busy woman. Other celebrity hairstyles were hard to manage, but her style was easy to copy and maintain.

The Beatles

Famous women are not the only ones who have influenced hairstyles. One of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles were worn by the Beatles. They all cut their hair in the exact same way, which other men soon copied for their own style. Michael Jackson was also a large influence on how men cut their hair.