43 Gorgeous Mens Military Style Shirt Ideas

Gorgeous Mens Military Style Shirt Ideas 29 Gorgeous Mens Military Style Shirt Ideas 29

When creating a military design one takes into consideration the audience whether its the 101st Airborne, 75th Rangers, a naval ship of the line, special forces unit or even a specific MOS, Rate or Air force Specialty. The nature of the unit, its mission, the weapons, theater of operations, history, a slogan or perhaps a unique detail or mascot are often discussed and included in determining the best way for a design to be developed.

Each unit has characteristics all their own and each design needs to reflect that look and feel that makes it special and iconic. Morale is heightened when a military design achieves its goal and creates the right nuances associated with that unit.

In evaluating a military design at a given website a number of factors come into play beginning with the available options for a given design. These help to determine how specific that design can become in association with that unit. A list of these military options include the following:

1. Is the design unique? Does it cater to the unit, the branch, the rank, mission, function, ship, squadron, MOS or naval rate.

2. Are all branches represented? Does each branch have the same weight an importance as other branches? Do designs exist for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard?

3. Can you customize the left chest design on the front of the apparel to help maximize the effectiveness of the details and color of the design displayed on the back? This is all too important function. having a great design on the left chest helps to set the tone for an overall effective military t-shirt or clothing item. When that design for the left chest can also be further customized by selecting from a large array of military design options it gets even better.

4. Do design options exist for the shoulder? Does military art exist for the left and right shoulder of a given clothing style? f the answer is yes then you are heading for a truly unique military design experience that few offer in this day of one dimensional design.

5. Does custom sleeve art exist for your military design selection? Do hundreds of options exist and secondly do these designs maintain consistency and a military message that keeps all design elements intact and working together? When this occurs the integrity of a military t-shirt is maintained.

6. Can custom text be added to a military design? When this option is made available it takes military design and art on clothing to a new level. With unique slogan, anniversaries, dates, unit names, call signs and other important details a military t-shirt can go from specific to truly unique.

7. Take a given design and now expand on it to include options for both men and women’s sizes, military short and long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, military tank-tops, sleeveless tees, sweatpants and shorts you now have the medium in which o deliver a quality design. The wide variety of military clothing enhances the message of the custom military unit design.

8. What color military shirt is best? It comes down to the design. Many military units like the traditional sand, tan and OD green but other units like to experience a design on a variety of additional colors like red, Navy, Gold, Black, White, Royal, Hunter Green, brown or even pink.

9. How large should a military design be? Military shirts can and often should be offered in sizes as large as 5XL.

10. What about youth military sizes? This is critical when working with military units, the families of soldiers and their children. Families want to share in the spirit and support of their loved ones in the Armed Services and when smaller youth sizes are available it enhances the morale of the troops overseas and makes for a far bigger impact with regard to the design created.

So, when looking to evaluate a military design one has many things to research and learn about before deciding. The many options above help in determining how a design can go from General to Specific to Unique and then when truly exceptional is found, Innovative.