43 Simple Ways to Wear Kimono This Summer

Simple Ways To Wear Kimono This Summer 40 Simple Ways To Wear Kimono This Summer 40

Japanese culture has influenced many parts of life all around the world. From many of the vehicles we drive to some of the more popular food that we eat, Japan has managed to have a lasting impact outside of its borders. In addition, the traditional kimono can seen manifested in a more modern way with the the kimono dress.

The kimono has been in existence for over a thousand years and can actually trace its roots back to some strong Chinese influences. It has developed in many different ways over the years and can still be seen worn as daily attire for a select few.

Where it is more common to see these beautiful articles of clothing are at formal events in Japan or worn by professional sumo wrestlers who are required to don traditional Japanese clothing when in public. They can be composed of up to twelve different pieces and can require someone specially trained in the art of wearing a kimono to just put one on. The most formal and complex kimonos can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

The kimono’s influence can certainly be seen in the kimono dress. This more modern type of clothing uses similar flowing, bright colored fabric with an obi like sash around the waist. Although the sash does not need to be tied on this type of dress, the similarity is very apparent and connotes the elegant image that the kimono can, but in a more modern way. The kimono is an iconic part of Japan and it is wonderful to see its influence around the world. With the more modern variation of the dress just about anyone can experience an aspect of the wonderful culture Japan has to offer.