49 Stylish Beach Wedding Groom Attire Cool Ideas

Stylish Beach Wedding Groom Attire Cool Ideas 37 Stylish Beach Wedding Groom Attire Cool Ideas 37

So you belong the class of people who think ‘different’. Instead of the temple you choose nature to bless you on your most auspicious day. So be it. A beach is a beautiful place to celebrate your wedding. White sands, blue welcoming waters mellow the atmosphere making a heaven on earth.

Melt with nature as you dress up for the occasion. For an outdoor wedding, plan an outdoor dress. No long gowns and heavy veils cause the wind will dishevel the entire dress. Keep it ankle length or even below the knee. Chiffon, satin and organza’s are the materials to use.

A hairdo with pins and a small carnation will look great too. Keep your hair loose or the breeze will upset your hairdo or pull out any items in your hair or on your hand. So keep it minimal with a good hairspray. The neck pattern for a beach dress is a complete no-no as it will make you look puffy in the outdoors.

Off-shoulders, spaghetti or noodle straps are what the dress should sport so that your tan is visible with simple cuts like A-line with fewer layers as they will swing and balloon if it gets breezy. If it is a hot sunny season then you can opt for long tissue sleeves else you will get sun burnt.

Sandals can be avoided if you are comfortable barefoot. Else there are lovely beaded and semi-precious stone sandals available made especially for beach wedding ensembles.

The groom has to match the bride in her attire. They cannot be opposite ends on the wedding day. So you guys have to discuss your couture for the day. Is it formal, semi-formal or completely casual? The groom has a comfy option of sporting three-fourths and a polo t-shirt. If he wants to get a bit semi-formal then linen suits are always hip. And please keep the formal look out. But at the end of the day, you both have to be comfortable in what you are wearing as it is the big day of your life.