48 Unique Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Some unique groomsmen gifts include a caricature, ‘groomsman’ t-shirt, groomsman bubblehead, personalized things, spa treatment and gift cards.

Groomsmen are basically your or your partner’s close friends or family members. They are practically men you’ve known for a long time. Although, they can also be those you know for just a little while. As a token of gratitude for their support and participation during your very special day, you wanted to give them something special. Below are some fun and unique groomsmen gifts that the fellows will surely love.


Take a photo or any old photo that you have of you and your groomsmen and make a portrait of caricature out of them. This is a sentimental gift but in a funny kind of way with you and their faces being exaggerated. This will relive good old days with the boys.

‘Groomsman’ t-shirt

Thank them by letting them always remember what role they played on your wedding day, by simply giving them a custom made t-shirt with the word “Groomsman” on it. It is fun and it’s original.

Groomsman bobblehead

A groomsman bobblehead is a fun and cool gift that they would like to display on their shelves or on their cars.

Personalized things

Look for things that your groomsmen are interested in. Give them these personalized gifts according to their interests, hobbies or lifestyle. If one of them likes baseball, give him a custom-made baseball bat or ball, or a baseball cap with a message on it. If one of them likes partying or going at pubs, give him a customized pub sign or a beer mug. If he likes the outdoors, give him a distinct backpack, handy knife or water jug. If he loves music, give him a CD of his favorite band. If he’s the office-type of guy, a pen with his name engraved on it would be most appropriate.

Spa treatment

This might be a bit costly, but, it’s another way of showing your groomsmen that they are truly appreciated by giving them some relaxing treat, after a long and exhausting day of ceremonies, partying, and just being prim and proper for the whole day.

Gift cards

With gift cards, there’s no hassle and you don’t have to worry about buying things for them. They get to choose what they exactly want. It could be a gift card of their favorite store, restaurant or club.

Now ditch the old-fashioned ‘thank you card’ and give your groomsmen gifts that would really stand out. Just be creative and in time you’ll find a unique yet very memorable gift to the guys who deserved your acknowledgment and appreciation.