42 Groomsmen Attire For Spring Wedding Day

Groomsmen Attire For Spring Wedding Day 37 Groomsmen Attire For Spring Wedding Day 37

Spring is coming, and it is the perfect excuse to lighten up. If you are planning a spring or a summer wedding, rethink the notion that the groom and his attendants must wear tuxedos. For less formal weddings, there other options that will look fresh and modern.

One of the best spring or summer looks for men is to wear a khaki or dark suit suit. This is a great option for weddings taking place in warm weather, whether they are destination weddings or not. Khaki suits will look fresh and crisp, which is very appealing. They are great for any wedding, as long as the bride will not be wearing a very formal gown.

Khaki suits are also a terrific idea for the men in your wedding because they are such an easy neutral to work with. Forget the boring white shirts; you will have so many other colors that you can choose.

If you prefer to keep things more classic, a French blue shirt with a spread collar would look very handsome. This is a perfect pairing when the bridesmaids are wearing a classic look, such as strapless dresses with strands of pearl bridesmaid jewelry.

Speaking of coordinating with bridesmaids, you can also go for a more colorful shirt with a tan suit. Pull out one of the colors from the dresses that the girls will be wearing. Let’s say that your bridesmaids are wearing lemon colored spaghetti strap dresses with delicate pearl bridesmaid jewelry.

A pale yellow check shirt would be very nice for an early spring wedding on the groom and his attendants. You can also go with a color like lavender or apricot, if your fiance is willing. These colors look so fresh and breezy on a hot summer afternoon.

Keep the look appropriate for a wedding by making sure that the accessories are sharp. The right ties will add the perfect flair to the men’s attire. Since the khaki or tan suit is not extremely formal, you can go for a more patterned or whimsical tie.

Some grooms like to choose ties that have a favorite motif on them, such as golf clubs, or they even have ties custom made as a gift for everyone in the wedding party. If you have the ties made, you can have almost any design of your choosing, from your fraternity logo to a monogram. Another great look is to have ties made from the same fabric as the bridesmaid dresses.

For some spring or summer weddings, even a full suit will feel too stiff. In that case, think about going with a nice blazer and pair of khaki trousers. This is a classic look, and yet it is casual enough for a wedding by the water or in a backyard. The same ideas for shirt and tie options will work for a blazer and trousers as for a matching suit. If your groomsmen already own navy blazers, let each man wear his own; they do not all need to match exactly.

One of the nicest things about planning a wedding these days is that the rules have relaxed, and couples can express more of their personalities in the event. This is even true for the groom’s attire, which so often has been dictated strictly by etiquette, with no chance for input from the groom. And hey, if you can get your fiance interested in helping to plan the attire for your wedding, even better!