42 Stunning Beach Wedding Color Ideas For This Summer

Stunning Beach Wedding Color Ideas For This Summer 38 Stunning Beach Wedding Color Ideas For This Summer 38

If you are planning a beach theme wedding then there are some unique and fun Beach Wedding Favor Ideas which might help you planning your special day.

Your beach theme gifts should include colorful favor designs like: seashell gel candles, flip flop design favors, destination design luggage tags, sand and sea shell place card holders and ocean theme glass coasters just to mention a few unique favors.

Beach themes work even if your event is not near a beach. People in the Midwest are having more and more Beach themed weddings. They offer fun and guest participation, and are becoming very popular.

Sand between your toes and sun on your bare back. Hair tied back, sun warming the back of your neck. Maybe some peppy tunes and a nice run out to the cold, fresh water. The man you love on one arm and your friends strolling by the other. It’s a wonderful day for romance and fun, a day for big life changes.

No, this is not the first beach vacation of the year. It’s your wedding!

If you are hitting the warm outdoors for a beach themed wedding, you will find yourself in good company. Not only are more brides opting for a more laid back atmosphere but a lot of guests love going to beach themed receptions because they can let loose and enjoy themselves in a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere. There is one other thing that is much easier to accomplish for a beach themed wedding: wedding favors.

You will not be hard pressed to find more than one option that you absolutely love, and that your guests of all ages will love to take home.

If you really like seashells, then you will have a lot of fun just looking through all of the shell shaped wedding favors. From an open shell with a votive candle inside to remind your guests of pearls to beautiful crystal shell key chains, you will find something that fits your personality and the tone of your table decorations just perfectly.

If your idea of the beach goes off shore to the big waves and endless blue skies, then the perfect addition to your table settings are sailboat design candle favors. The boat base is made of clear glass and the sail is made of frosted glass with a cute heart in the center. Light the tea light candle and turn it so the sails glow and your guests will catch a lighthearted wave as they toast your future as a married couple. Throw on some beach tunes and catch a wave to the dance floor!

If you plan on placing throw away cameras on the tables for your guests to capture the memories of your wedding celebration, then beach themed picture frame favors are the perfect way to top it off. You can choose between flip flop, surf board, or beach chair designs, or add a mix of all three so everyone gets something a little different. You can also use these frames as place holders by inserting a small piece of paper printed with your guest’s names inside. If you have pictures of all your guests or can get them, it would be a rather unique surprise to put their faces in the frames so they only have to find themselves to have a seat.

What about the little ones running around searching for mischief of some sort? If you will include the little tykes in your big day consider making a kids table complete with ceramic ice cream bowl favors. They are shaped like yummy waffle cones with a chocolate colored top rim dripping down and various ice cream colors lining the insides. How fun!

Since you’re considering such a fun wedding theme, you may as well enjoy planning it. The beach theme is just the thing to take the edge off of all the wedding stress. It will be wonderful, beautiful, and everyone will admire your sense of adventure and fun.