47 The Best Wedding Beach Dresses Ideas

The Best Wedding Beach Dresses Ideas 39 The Best Wedding Beach Dresses Ideas 39

Your wedding may be the most breathtaking, romantic moment of your life and few settings are able to equal the romance of a wedding beach. Picture yourself exchanging your vows on a pristine sandy beach with a gentle ocean breeze playing through your hair and your loved ones and closest friends around you.

That’s the enchantment of a beach wedding. Beach gowns for this blissful occasion are available in an almost limitless range of choices. Need a little guidance to help narrow the field? Read on.

Whether brides have a laid back or more formal wedding, beach gowns should be sophisticated yet understated. You’ll want to think about the season when choosing your dress. Will yours be a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter wedding? Beach temperatures can be drastically different from season to season.

Choose light fabrics for warm weather. Opt for a slightly heavier fabric for a ceremony in a cooler climate. You may also need a wrap if you have an evening wedding. Beach gowns should be figure-flattering and chic at the same time.

These tips will help you zero in on the perfect choice for your celebration:


Usually a shorter dress will be best. Sand, water, stones and seashells along the beach can damage, soak or soil longer dresses, especially dresses with trains. Stick with ankle length or shorter. You’ll achieve an understated elegance if you wear a simple tea-length, A-line dress.

You can wear a longer sheath-type dress if your wedding ceremony will take place on a hard surface like concrete or a boardwalk. No matter what the surface, you should still avoid using a train.

Match your dress to your body shape

Here are a few ways you can match your dress to the shape of your body. If you wear a plus size, look for dresses that feature a lightly belted style. This will help define your waist and minimize the boxy look. A low-cut neckline will also help. If you’re a petite woman, a sash waist can make you look taller.

Add elegance to a fuller figure with a curve-hugging tailored shape. For pear shapes, choose a strapless or halter style to draw the eye upward and give a more balanced look. If you decide on a skirt, go with one that doesn’t cling. Big-busted women look best in a high scoop-neck style that uses supportive straps, but a one-shoulder design works well too. Fabrics with smaller prints are another option because they make a busty bride’s breasts look smaller.


Choose a fabric that’s breathable. It will help prevent the heat from becoming stifling and make you much more comfortable during the ceremony and your reception. Avoid heavy fabrics such as brocades, and stay away from embroidered or heavily sequined fabrics. Choose a crepe, chiffon, batiste, charmeuse, duchesse satin, illusion net or damask fabric instead. They all work admirably.


White and ivory are perennial favorites for a wedding. Beach dresses however, give you more flexibility with color. Darker colors that attract and hold heat can quickly become unbearable on a hot, muggy summer day. At the same time, darker colors give a more slimming effect to plus size figures. If you want to lean more toward the casual side, go for bright, primary colors. Tropical prints can also perfectly fit the beach theme of your wedding.

A wedding dress should match the bride’s signature style. When narrowing down your choices, don’t be afraid to take a few risks. If you prefer to keep things more formal, fine. Otherwise, let your personality shine through. It’s OK to go a little wild and crazy.