41 Impressive Country Style Wedding Dresses Ideas With Boots

Impressive Country Style Wedding Dresses Ideas With Boots 34 Impressive Country Style Wedding Dresses Ideas With Boots 34

No matter what season, country or weather you’re getting married in, you’ll want to pick the right wedding dress – after all, you want to be comfortable, appropriate AND beautiful on your special day.

Before you go shopping, think about the season you’re getting married in, current trends and fashions, your own style and preferences, your colour scheme and the general temperature and location you plan on getting married in.

Visit your venue to scope out the facilities – is it a chilly old building or an overly heated room? Will you be having photos taken outside if possible? If you’re getting married abroad, what is the general climate like and will you need extra protection from the sun or other weather conditions?

t’s often a great idea to buy a matching bolero, shrug or pashmina for your wedding dress, to ensure you have the option of an extra layer if you need one. Most bridal wear stores will stock accessories as well as wedding dresses so you can find a solution while you’re choosing your gown.

Wedding Dresses For Spring:

Spring is a lovely time to get married – the whole world seems to be waking up again, there’s colour everywhere all of a sudden, many gorgeous flowers are now in season and the weather can be kind. For your wedding gown, try out tea-dress or A-line styles for a feminine and fresh look.

You’ll probably want a shrug or pashmina to keep you warm if the weather turns chilly, too – and don’t forget an umbrella in case of April showers! Make the most of the new spring foliage and weave flowers into your hair to celebrate the start of your new life together. Great colours for spring include pastels, yellows and shades of white and cream.

Wedding Dresses For Summer:

You lucky thing, getting married in summer! Hopefully the sun will shine and summer is a great opportunity for an outdoor wedding. Get on trend with a short, retro style wedding dress to keep cool in, especially if you’re getting married on a beach. Or how about a flowing Grecian style to get in touch with your inner goddess?

Or a cute and simple empire line gown with bare feet to really channel that flower child look. Don’t forget the sun cream – starting off your honeymoon with sunburn is not a good idea! Similarly, before your wedding, make sure you don’t have too many strap marks or tan lines if you’re wearing a strapless dress.

For colour, anything goes in the summer, but if you’re feeling bold, go for bright, sunny colours and make a statement with your accessories. Oversized shades and stunning shoes are both fair game – have fun in the sun for your summer wedding.

Wedding Dresses For Autumn:

You never know, you might still get a little bit of warm weather (or at least we hope it won’t pour down!) on your wedding day. But if it does rain, remember, it’s lucky on your wedding day! For autumn style, we like a bit of understated chic – sheath dresses or mermaid styles look sleek and sophisticated, and can be livened up with spectacular accessories and beautiful hair.

Play with the colours of autumn – go for natural shades of green, brown and orange to bring warmth to your wedding decorations and echo these themes in your flowers and accessories. Definitely think about something to cover your shoulders when the sun goes down – lace shrugs and jackets look delicate over simple wedding gowns and can really make an outfit. And if your man is gentlemanly enough, ask him to lend you his suit jacket for a few sweet photos.

Wedding Dresses For Winter:

Now’s the time to sparkle! Brighten up those winter nights with splashes of gold, silver, pearls and gems – use the detailing of your dress to catch the light and don’t be afraid to accessorise to your heart’s content. Why not go for a corset dress or ballgown (the extra layers will keep you warm!) for a showstopping look at your winter wedding. If you have a full-length skirt, you can also wear tights or stockings underneath for extra warmth.

Faux fur and luxurious velvets can be a wonderful addition to your wedding dress in the form of wraps and shrugs to keep you toasty! Deep, rich colours go wonderfully with a winter wedding, and go brilliantly with bright white, though we would avoid classic red and white unless you want to look like Father Christmas! Go all out with candles, fairy lights and reflective decorations, turn the lights down and enjoy a magical wedding… perhaps even with some snow!