41 Fabulous Wrap Dresses Spring And Summer Trends Ideas 2018

Fabulous Wrap Dresses Spring And Summer Trends Ideas 2018 30 Fabulous Wrap Dresses Spring And Summer Trends Ideas 2018 30

I am always encouraging my readers to adopt a timeless dress style by investing in clothes and accessories that will outlast the ephemeral or seasonal trends.

One such year round wardrobe must have is the wrap dress which is as timeless and versatile a garment as you can get.

Wrap dress first designed by Diane von Furstenberg
The wrap dress which has become an icon in itself was introduced into the world of high fashion by Belgian born fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in 1972. This figure flattering, versatile and easy to wear dress is suitable to most body shapes not to mention most ages as they are equally suitable for the young fashion conscious female as well as the mature trendy woman.

What the experts say
Professional stylists advises that for women with hour glass shapes, the wrap dress is perfect for accentuating curves and in some instances hiding budges. The cross over wrap dress puts emphasis on your waist by separating and lifting the bust and plays down the hips by making them seem smaller and narrower as it skims over the hips.

The wrap dress also accentuates the cleavage and elongates the legs. It can be dressed up or dressed down with heels or sandals, jeans/ trousers, tights and accentuated with statement jewellery. Your wardrobe just simply is not complete without a couple of wrap tops and wrap dresses.

Top quality wrap dresses and designs
Like anything else there is always the less flattering designed wrap dresses which due to poor craftsmanship and fabric used, droops rather than drapes over the body. Poorly designed wrap dresses can leave us bigger boobed women pulling and tugging whole day to maintain a sense of decency.

Depending on the style and make of the wrap and your body shape some women find it convenient to wear a camisole underneath to avoid being embarrassed.

Bear in mind that a well made wrap dress from quality fabric can be worn season after season. Have a browse online for those made from fair trade and organic material as fair trade and organic clothes are usually made to last …. Plus you get your opportunity to do your bit for the environment.